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When it comes to making the “ultimate” biltong, there are hundreds of recipes out there – each claiming to deliver the tastiest biltong ever. Biltong, although a deceptively simple concept, requires a little practice, finesse and a fair amount of trial and error, before you “crack the code”, and hit upon just the right balance of spices, marinade, time, and cut or source of meat.

As with most creative and exciting processes, it’s part science and part art – and a very happy result, once mastered!

We’re always on hand to offer expert advice, suggestions, and tips. Our friendly team will advise you on the best equipment for your biltong requirements, as well as answer any questions you have on what to use and where to source it, depending on where you may find yourself in the world.

Let the biltong games begin!

Brilliant Biltong Recipes

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The use of biltong to create mouth-watering meals and appetising side dishes is only limited by your imagination!
Here are some creative uses, but feel free to experiment to your heart’s content:
  • Biltong bread
  • Biltong pizza
  • Biltong “braai broodjies”
    (toasted sandwiches cooked over the fire)
  • Biltong baked potato
  • Biltong quiche
  • Biltong Mac n Cheese


What spices do I need? Brown vinegar, salt, black pepper, brown sugar, and coriander are your staple spices. Some people add other more ‘exotic’ flavours such as chili flakes, dried paprika or garlic, but we recommend sticking to the tried and tested ingredients. For a fuss-free alternative shop our ultimate “biltong spices” mix here.

How long do I hang my biltong and how long does it take to dry? Around 5 days depending on the weather, and whether you like your biltong crisp and dry or slightly wet/ moist.

What cuts of meat do I use? Topside and silverside, both cuts of rump, are ideal for biltong. Tenderloin, sirloin, and steak from the rump or hip are also fine to use. Always try and buy the best quality meat you can afford for the best results! Keep an eye out for lean cuts of meat with even yet minimal marbling.


Can I freeze my biltong? Preferably not. Freezing damages the fibres of the meat (because of the jagged water crystals) and softens it, making it mushy.

What equipment do I need? Kalahari Khabu stocks biltong makers, biltong hooks and biltong cutters to ensure your entire process is seamless, efficient and flop proof!

What are the health benefits of biltong? Biltong is both gluten and MSG free and an excellent source of protein. Lean biltong is a great in-between snack for those watching their weight, and it’s an ideal school lunch box snack for the kids.

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