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Use your biltong maker and biltong dryer to turn your skills into gourmet works. Core intelligent chip for a seamless drying effect.

Start Making Biltong, Dry Sausage, Cabanossi, Snapsticks & more

The Biltong Boss – Biltong Drying Chamber


*Includes Free Shipping New Zealand wide


Using a biltong maker and biltong dryer to make your own biltong and droëwors (dried sausage) is so much easier than you think! With Kalahari Khabu you’ll discover the perfect fuss-free tools and techniques to produce your very own biltong bliss and droëwors delights.

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of making a delicious craving whenever you want. A perfect gift for family and friends that will leave them wanting more. Our biltong maker and biltong dryer are expertly crafted for your ease and convenience, perfect for any level of biltong enthusiast.

Whether on a large scale or as a relaxed home-based hobby, making biltong for your family, friends or customers is both simple and satisfying.

Discover the Kalahari Khabu Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

At Kalahari Khabu we’re committed to supplying only the finest quality equipment products and service.

We’ll go the extra mile to match your biltong and braai requirements with the perfect products and accessories to make the process as easy, fuss free and enjoyable as possible.

All you need for the best biltong in the business – shipped across the globe to your doorstep. Biltong bliss is just a click away!

Join the Kalahari Khabu Community today.

The passion for biltong and braai unites lovers of the good life around the globe, and we’re proud to be part of that incredible movement. 

For centuries the simple yet spectacular art of making the perfect piece of biltong or ultimate braai dish has been at the heart of special gatherings, treasured moments and memorable milestones the world over. 

Celebrate life, build memories, and taste happiness in every hap (Afrikaans for bite or morsel) with Kalahari Khabu.

For advice on how to start your biltong-making journey or if you have a suggestion, recipe or top biltong or braai tip drop us a line below

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